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GEC Turbine Generators
My first job as a designer was in Rugby, England. In this fast paced Graphics Department I was responsible for graphic design in the publications and ads for this international powerplant manufacturer. As design went, the envelope could've been pushed a lot further, however this is a traditional 'Old English' company that let us push the boundaries as far as they would allow.

Frost the Printers
Dubbed 'Frost the RePrinters', I spent about 18 months as head of the Art Department in this little print shop that couldn't. We had numerous stabs at creating great design for our clients, but the film strippers in the plant usually didn't know how to accomplish what we wanted (long before computers). This created a tail wagging dog situation, which grew old quickly. What started out as good designs were watered down by the pressmen moaning about cost and time (and bother).

Jon R Martin Designs
My remaining time in England I spent freelancing design to many blue chip clients including:
Agard & Associates
Returning to the U.S. in 1994, I worked at Agard & Associates designing leaflets, ads and point of sale for jewelry stores, mainly on the east coast. After 18 months, a shortage of work forced me onto the street.

The Jones Store
Landing at The Jones Store Co, I jumped into 'designing' ads for this local retail store. They already had an ad format, so designing really isn't the word. Everyone knew I was over-qualified for the job, but I stuck with it for six months before bailing out to technology.

Fontastik, Inc
Putting my color experience to work was a challenge when starting at Fontastik. I was hired to take control of the color issues they were having with the 3M Scotchprint large format printer. I instituted some new procedures for dealing with color problems and now we have a solid base of repeat customers who know they will get a first class job with correct colors every time... whether it be posters, banners, fleet graphics or backlit signs. We have now added a Roland FJ-500 Inkjet Printer to compliment the Scotchprint. Naturally I was the one to tackle the color issues with this latest piece of technology.

While working at these various jobs in the U.S., I have also been active in freelancing to several firms around the Kansas City area including:

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